Top Down

a weather app for convertibles


Top Down is the perfect tool for convertible owners who don't want to constantly watch the weather to determine if it's a good day to have their top down. Top Down uses up-to-date precise weather technology to alert you in multiple ways of approaching rain.


  1. Bullet Unique forecast windowing. Select how long you want your weather forecast window to be. Top Down allows you to set the forecast window to only a couple of hours up to 12 hours giving you exactly the forecast you need. For example, you can set the window to forecast your workday or just your trip to the grocery store. Weather attributes included in your window forecast are: Precipitation, Temperature, Humidity, Wind and Cloud Coverage.

  1. Bullet Rain alerts (push notifications). Relax and let our systems monitor the weather for you. Top Down monitors the weather for your location and sends an alert if rain is expected.

  1. Bullet Hours until rain. Set your home screen to display the number of hours until rain is expected. This allows you to determine if you'd like to put your top down without even launching the app.

  1. Bullet Daily forecast. You can receive an optional daily forecast for your location through a push notification every day that aids you in your decision to have your top down or up.

  1. Bullet Radar. Top Down's radar screen shows you where the rain is and where your car is for more detailed decision making.

  1. Bullet e-mail rain alerts. Also receive rain alerts via email. This option is great if you are somewhere without cellular or Wi-Fi access.

App description

Don’t get caught with your top down